Learn Sales Technique Mastery That Gets Your Customers To Buy Even If You Are A Start up Or Growing Business

Have you been wondering why competitors are selling out regularly and you are not?

Have you been dishing out content which has not translated to sales?

The people that come to your Dm to price and go away, have they been cherry picking on your brain?

Sales is the life wire of any business, i don't care how many huge followers you have,if you are not making sales ,watch it your business is about to crumble and go extinct ( i don't mean to be rude).

Selling is 90% psychology and 10% mechanics, Did you just ask how? Allow me to show you how in this very class called "SALES TECHNIQUE MASTERY" on sunday the 16th 6pm ,for #4,000 early bird fee in 48hours,payment later than that will attract #5,000 

My name is Oge Stephaniesharks ikoro (Bizparadigmshifter)a content strategist, i help and teach entrepreneurs proven business strategies that help their business grow in the online & offline space.

i have been able to teach over 950 entrepreneurs through our online group classes,private online coaching, one on one consultation  and speaknig engagements,testimonies have been amazing.

this is not one of those long format copy that you have to read a long sermon and at the end of the day ,you get bored out or headache , mine is simple.

you can either figure it out yourself or let me show you exactly what to do!

what is it going to be?

you might be saying why is she sounding like this right? 

Because i tried to figure it out years ago and guess what? it backfired on me and got me back to square one until i trained professionally ,you see why this is the right time to learn this now.

what you will learn

*How to change your customers attitude towards your products & services

*Secret techniques that you are not aware of that can get people to buy from you.

*How to negotiate with your buyers and get them to pay you.

*The reason your customer is smarter than you is because you are not        applying these 5 simple strategies.

*Turn your followers to buyers on a weekly bases.

*How to identify buying signals of a potential customer so that you don't waste time on wrong targets.


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venue :what'sapp class

Best time to make this investment that will give you value for the growth of your business is now, do not be carried away by the merryment of this season to the detriment of your business.

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i am rooting for you!

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