Learn How to Generate Explosive Income from Sales even if you are a novice

You thought creating content was just to start posting 6 to 10 pictures a day and definitely you will make sales ,how much have you made since then with all your posting?

Were you like me? people come to your page finish asking questions about your products and promised they would get back?
You have tried your best to source for quality products , just to be unique and different from what everyone else is selling and yet no show...

worse still you tried to run sponsored ads and this acumulated to 100 likes,"2 keep it up", comments from family and friends, "7 i will get back to you" a few DM's and a Grand total of 0 sales! pheww!? shift let me faint for you, wake up again and ask you why are you still doing the rat race in 2020 when you can make actual sales if you learn the proper way of creating engaging content that converts your window shoppers &also learn how to run targeted ad's ?

Before you make that statement "i give up" "sales on the gram don't work" come let us teach you how is done.

Early last year i almost gave up on iG ,i was like you saying all this things until i learnt the secretes behind making sales on the gram and that is exactly what we want to share with you in this 2 day exclusive class Coming up on the 25th & 26th of January

my name is Oge Stephaniesharks ikoro a content strategist known as thebizparadigmshifter, i help entrepreneurs like you by teaching and coaching them workable business strategies that will help them make sales online.

 Meet the AD's GURU people call him (the fixer) Ibitoye Ayodeji Delwin   All i can promise you is after an encounter with His teaching, you must receive clarity by fire in the world of sponsored ads ,this is why He is called the fixer.

What you will learn:

✔How to do proper targeting that guarantees good result.
✔ How to generate consistent contagious content that converts to sales.
✔loosing out on market share? You will learn how to use videos to secure seats in the hearts of your potential customers.     

✔How to create a successful landing page for your Facebook ad's                         ✔How to generate leads using what'sapp click to chat.
✔The secret code to activate your brand story.
✔How to position and sell
✔How to craft a simple but well detailed post for your niche that grabs attention.
✔how to craft a compelling headline that rakes in customers attention even if you are a novice.
✔High rise pillars that positions you in front of your target market.
Crafting words to activate buying signals and playing with it is no rocket science, i will show you how.

The early Bird fee of 10k disappears in a few Days and changes to 12k, so click and secure your seats now!

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