Does that sound ridiculous ? sorry to burst your bubbles this is actually true, how do i mean?

i was perusing the streets of Facebook and Instagram on a normal day just like this one, an Ad popped right in front of me, guess what i saw? a 78yrs old woman telling me in the video ad to sign up for copy writing online course! phew! i blinked my eye twice as to what could this old woman be doing here? it now dawn on me that even this grandma has realize that the single most lucrative way of earning while you sleep  in this pandemic  and post pandemic era is by creating an online course around that idea which is locked inside of you or you are already aware of but do not know how to monetize it. 

Has your business been hit by the covid 19 tsunami?

You didn't see it coming but it hit you like a blow just like the one  mike Tyson will give...


Every thing cannot be the same again don't get me wrong i never said the world has come to and end. if you are current, millions of people already have filed for unemployment because the employers of labour can no longer keep up with "the joneses". Have you noticed ? that virtually everyone is online these days, but the question is online doing what?

70% of the entire population i bet you are online liking and commenting on pictures and videos, i call this (vanity metrics )what a waste of available resource called "Data" when there is an online course inside of you that needs to be unleashed.


if you can examine your head right now ,Do you have any knowledge whatsoever that when you do it people will commend you for it. 

For example:

 ?Are you good at correcting people when they make mistakes and the listen to you when you talk?

?Are you good at taking a selfie with your phone that when people see your pictures they will comment how good your picture is?

?Are you good at just telling ordinary stories that by the time you finished people will not want the story to end but yearn for more?

?Can you convince someone so well that you could sell shoes to a man with no legs?

?were you so bad at cooking that you were labeled the "worst cook" and you decided to learn and transformed to a person people will eat their food and wonder the sweetness of nature and magic finger inside that meal?

?Did you suffer heartbreak and yet for countless times you overcame with the power of positive mindset?


?Are you  Experienced in your profession say lawyer ,doctor, teacher ,banker and you have gained experience over the years in your profession and know what information could help people out there,something you can't find in books but only gotten from experience?

Online course is screaming your name!

even if you are not sure anyone will pay you

even if you are not a techy person

even if you have only 500 followers

even if something is telling you "look you are not an expert yet and so therefore you cannot create an online course"

You don't need to be an expert or professional to create and online course, you just need to be a human-being breathing through the nose.

i feared creating online course at the sound of it because they so called guru's then made it look so complicated, i was overwhelmed with all the bamboozling words of tech and the countless processes you have to go through in just creating a course ,this was until i met an angel in form of a mentor and i mastered the easiest and best way to create an online course and this is the secret i want to hand over to you, smile to the bank even in this recession.



Hi , my name is oge stephaniesharks ikoro a Business consultant, certified content marketing specialist & copywriter, i help teach entrepreneurs business strategies and streams of income to aid in the growth of their business to earn income,impact & influence lives positively.

i discovered that people have the fear of loosing their jobs and not having any income because of the situation of the country and businesses cannot be as usual again cause the "bills are not smiling" this is why i am presenting to you the blueprint of earning income even why you are still in your  nightgown or pyjamas.


A 14days online training on how to create simply your first own online course that people must surely pay you for even in this recession.

"knowledge is the new crude oil in this new world order and packaging your knowledge in an online course is by far the best way to promote your business,products or services".

Here is how you can make a living from making a difference

What you will learn:

✔Digging out your knowledge wells.

✔Finding Nemo

✔Why should i empty my wallet and pay you?

✔Predictable resistance (Time to slay like jack)

✔How to deliver and structure your first online course

✔Rusty Rivets just saved you with simple tools & Hosting

what is in a name?

✔Right in your face,meet marketing(who shame help?)

How to launch your online coorse even if you don't have a huge audience.

  if you have breath in you , then there is an online course waiting to be created.

The best time to create and online course was last year and the 2nd best time is "Now" that everyone  wants to establish their online presence, you deserve to be paid.

after you create your online course
lets do some maths here! 

Let's assume you put your course for the lowest cost which $27

meaning in naira is about #10,500 right?

if 10 people only is giving you #10,500 *10 = #105,000

This is even a small amount your online course can be priced higher

if 20 people only pay for your online course  #10,500*20 = #210,000

you can start earning this from next month while marketing your course right from your home or office or toilet!

Have you seen how you can be earning, this has been my life saver ever since i launched my first online course ,you too can experience this.

 Your course is a minting money machine!

 Allow me to show you how!

 Early bird fee will expire in 96 hrs and the fee will increase to a higher price cause of the value you will get from training, sign up now!

Want to make transfer instead? no problem!

pay into first bank plc account number 3061376079 oge ikoro



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