Worried that December is almost here and soon will be forgotten?

feeling like you have lost the battle?

while you are busy tripping about what has already happened{past},others worry on the future ,fearing the obstacles and challenges that might be coming;

with so many questions in your mind and mind blocks dominating your thought,anxiety works its way comfortable inside of your head and traps you in the past,reminding you of how you didn't make it.

Ready to plan your 2021 and experience a major shift?

Ready to audit the growth of your business to smash your goals?

Need to kick start 2021 in a high pitch?

 Is Time to remove the mind blocks and trash out the enemy called you!

Introducing The T.E.C.Y Course Meaning The Enemy Called You

Your Gate way to a safe Beginning!


My name is oge stephaniesharks ikoro ,a content strategist known as thebizparadigmshifter. when i created this course i simple wanted to help startups and growing businesses remove the mind blocks that have held them back from achieving their goals, i was just tired of seeing people being held back by the same thing i experienced when i started off. 

Hear what the Ceo of craftbyleo have to say about this course.

"This is by far the best gift i gave my business earlier this year by registering for this course when a friend told me about it, This is a course that rewires your brain to become a different person ready to take up and recognize business opportunities".        

  • We help you trash out your limiting beliefs which is holding you back, crush the biggest blocker to your success and bring out the “miracle called you”.

  • we help you set your goals and show you steps on how to achieve it.

  • Digging dip on business analysis X-raying where you are and where you need to go.
  • This is a course that will change and reset the way you see things, money back guarantee if you don’t feel the impact of this course.
  • Five modules

  • Video sections

  • Voice notes

  • Texts

  • Assignments
  • Duration 2weeks

This course is worth $168  = N60,700

My premium offer to you with a free downloadable work sheet ,

Pay $52 = N20,800

Warning Alert! This isn't your regular course where you just listen and do not take action, I will make you work the work and come out with your business blueprint right at the palms of your hands.

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