Learn This Skill Before your Competitors use it to position their Brand

With things changing at the speed of "crazy" you need to adapt a workable sales strategy to move your business right in the fore front of your target market and connect with them more not just on the local confined space but also on the global level. 

Statistics has it that the attention life span of a potential customer is 8 seconds and if you are not creating content in form of visuals and Audios to grab their attention, your business is at risk & definitely you are loosing money on the table.

Your potential customers are already fed up of only text based content, Every of your potential target client is doing two things right now online, they are either watching something of listening to something ! why are we not listening to you when you know that podcast is the new attention hook! 

?Ever thought of connecting to your clients the more?

?Wishing that you could remain in their heads and anytime they think of buying products or paying for services, you should be the No 1 they think of ?

?Tired of shooting videos on a daily bases ,going through stress of make up, changing cloths,just for your clients to see and hear you?

?Ever wanted that your voice can matter,you have a message and you deserve to be heard but don't know how?

?Wondered how you can command attention and be visible to they people that need to see you?

Now wait a minute! before you become another Steven Wonder


Launching your own first podcast can save and solved all the Alice in wonder Land DREAMS.

Right now you might be thinking " oh i am not tech savvy" and so you wont be able to do this, Not to worry i will show you the simplest and easiest way of creating your podcast without stress, overwhelm or GREY HAIR.

Hi , my name is oge stephaniesharks ikoro they call me the [Bizparadigmshifter & Content Surgeon], a Business consultant, Certified Content marketing specialist & Direct Response copywriter, I help teach entrepreneurs business strategies and streams of income to aid in the growth of their business to earn income, impact & influence lives positively.

I am the missing link you need to find in the world of Content creation ,Podcast and Copy-writing.

we have successfully completed cohort 1 ,2 & 3 ,4 and it was an amazing experience for the participants, is your turn to be part of the cohort 5 training.

what will it profit a man/woman to buy shawama & cold stone ice cream today and loose an entire new skill that will help you & your business gain visibility & growth potentials ?

The online phase has changed ,this is not a time when we say "Business as usual",  nothing in the online business now is as usual, you have to constantly device means to capture the attention of your buyers to pay you for your product and services, and this is why I present to you 

What you GET:

✅7 Days of Detailed training from start to finish of;

?That is launching your podcast from structure to delivery on the global space .

?training on LEARNING PRATICALS & tools

?lmage by Design* The U in YOU*

     Access to 9 Videos 

This is worth  $250

Get the offer at $35 = #18,900

12 Days of Christmas came way too early!

Offer goes up in 72 hours to $52

The Best time to join is now!

Meet Adaeze Nsirim "the versatile woman" controlling 6 businesses, One of the Cohort 2 Participants that launched Her very PODCAST. A few months ago it was all a dream for her that couldn't be achieved until she signed up for Cohort 2 training.

 Listen to what she has to say to you!

Meet Oluwa Damilola , A model and a chef handling the food acade Business she is a cohort 3 participant and listen to what she has to say. she was one of those people that will help ginger others to finish up, very lively all through the session.

Prefare to make transfer ?

No problem! pay into first bank plc account number 3061376079 ikoro ogechi  

Send your proof of payment to what's app number 08117205057 or email us at thebrandprenueur@gmail.com

once we verify your payment ,you will be granted access . 




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