In this era of videos where up to 400 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube and other social media channels ,if that is not seeking attention, I wonder what then!

Learn  in this Book your industries best kept secrets that they are not telling you and get hold of it and start applying it to get your potential customers & clients

to listen to you.

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Oge Ikoro

Oge Nma Stephaniesharks Ikoro popularly known as the (Bizparadigmshifter & Content surgeon) she is a master's degree holder in Business management ,

Oge is an international certified content marketing specialist and a certified Direct-response copywriting specialist.

She is the founder of an Ed-Tech firm called (theadvertmessenger pro) established for the purpose of making sure videos are attractive enough to convince your customers and potential clients to pay attention to your products and services in the online space.

 She is the founder and lead consultant at Thebrandpreneur consult. 

A consultancy firm that empowers and equips business owners, startups incubators ,who hunger for Success create wealth, impact and Influence lives doing what they love. This happens through our proven and constant coaching programs, online courses, master classes and trainings with specialization on content marketing, podcasting ,creation of digital products and copywriting.


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